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Revenge of the nerd

December 21, 2008

If you were born in the early 80s like I was, Nintendo was probably a huge part of your childhood. Memories of hours plopped in front of the TV trying to beat ‘The Legend of Zelda’ or bouncing my way through another ‘Super Mario’ game were some of the most vivid and exciting I can […]

The Ex-Files

December 15, 2008

I loved the X-Files growing up. I used to watch every episode and was thrilled every week with a new monster, ghoul, ghost, alien or supernatural psychopath. So it was with great excitement that I rented the newest X-Files movie ‘I want to believe’. My girlfriend Liz and I snuggled up on the couch and […]

Top flicks of 2008 (according to the Associated Press)

December 14, 2008

Associated Press movie critics David Germain and Christy Lemire have picked their top 10 movies of 2008. Germain’s picks are: 1. Happy-Go-Lucky 2. WALL-E 3. Encounters at the End of the World 4. Slumdog Millionaire 5. Frozen River 6. The Visitor 7. The Wrestler 8. Frost/Nixon 9. The Dark Knight 10. Wendy and Lucy And Lemire went […]

Weasel mania

December 13, 2008

  For the past year or so I have been listening religiously to a great podcast out of Wisconsin called Weasel Radio, hosted by the lengendary punk rocker Ben Weasel, formerly of the band Screeching Weasel, and ESPN sports-talk dude Owen Murphy. The show mainly covers music, sports and politics, and the two hosts never […]

Going gonzo for ‘Transmetropolitan’

December 13, 2008

News-Herald reporter and fellow comic book geek David Bell recently let me borrow a stack of graphic novels that he recommended I read including Preacher, Lucifer, The Losers and Transmetropolitan. I have been a Preacher fan for years and had a good time delving deeper into the series. Lucifer and The Losers were also both […]