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That’s Messed Up #2

February 28, 2009

Bunghole kills dog, daughter Some a**hole in Erie, Pa., got pissed off because his dog crapped on the floor, so he kicked the dog to death then killed his 5-month-old daughter because she wouldn’t stop crying. What the hell is wrong with people these days? Full story here. Woman breast feeds, talks on phone while […]

That’s messed up

February 27, 2009

At the suggestion of Today’s News-Herald features editor Pam Ashley, I’m starting a new regular feature here at The Wasteland called ‘That’s Messed Up’. These entries will feature things that are outrageous, unbelievable, shocking and, well, just plain messed up. I will try to post at least a couple of these  a week. So, to […]


February 16, 2009

  OK, I’m an idiot. In the UFO photo that reader Kelly submitted a while back, I accidentally cropped the wrong object in the photo. I thought that UFO looked suspiciously like the moon. So here is the real photo. Much creepier. Thanks Kelly. Also, I ran across this video of a UFO sighting in […]


February 16, 2009

  Converse Chuck Taylor All-Stars. The most popular shoe in the history of America, and my personal favorite. I’ve been wearing them since I was a teenager and I refuse to wear anything else, unless I’m at work where sneakers are not allowed. So when my girlfriend Liz told me she was going to order […]

I just don’t get it

February 1, 2009

So Super Bowl time is here again. Almost everyone I know has football fever and is eagerly awaiting the big game. I’ve already been asked several times who I favor: The Arizona Cardinals or the Pittsburgh Steelers. My answer is invariably the same: I don’t know and I don’t care.   I enjoyed playing baseball as […]